Season Three: Episode Twenty Seven – Trading Places

The World Walkers have entered Ozen Tower, and have already had the limits of their bonds tested. Face with the threat of leaving members of their own behind to progress further into the tower, the group decided they would rather die as one. Each member of the World Walkers fell to their supposed end, only to find themselves before the door to the next room.

The first floor of Ozen Tower has been conquered. But how many more await them? And is it too late to leave?


“Dark Standoff” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Sound Effects and Additional Music:


My name is Pedro Galicia and I’m the GM for World Walkers, a 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast featuring professional cartoonists. Which cartoonists, you ask? These!

  • Megan (Doodle For Food) plays “Tiny” Tin, a Forged Fighter from the Steam-Powered World of Cog
  • Jane (The Pigeon Gazette) plays Vassa, a Human Rogue from The World of Menroth
  • Olivia (Imogen Quest) plays Ertlebee Withers, a Human Druid from the Steam-Powered World of Cog
  • Enzo (Cheer Up, Emo Kid) plays Roborto, a Forged Ranger from Obrimos, the World of Shattered Timelines
  • Wesley (Nameless PCs) plays Brummelstone Hammerstone, a Dwarf Wizard from Obrimos, the World of Shattered Timelines

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